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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Nordic Seafood processes all personal data in absolute confidence. The data is used solely internally at Nordic Seafood and by our business partners, and then only to satisfy the terms of our agreements with customers, suppliers and employees. Therefore only the employees at Nordic Seafood that need to use the information in connection with their duties have access to this information. The data is not disclosed or sold to other parties.

Nordic Seafood has a security policy and detailed guidelines concerning personal data. We have also taken technical measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access, alteration, use or deletion. Nordic Seafood does not disclose personal data to the state or public institutions unless required by law. 

Customers and suppliers

We acquire and process personal data in connection with our cooperation with our customers and suppliers. This involves general personal data such as information concerning name, address, telephone number and email addresses, in addition to name, address, telephone number and email addresses of any contacts at customers or suppliers.

Processing of the data is necessary for us to be able to pursue a legitimate interest in being able to manage, control and develop our business activities and services. 

The purpose of processing such data is to be able to satisfy the terms of agreements that have been entered into, including the delivery of goods and services, invoicing, quality management and quality control, development of our business areas, handling of operations and maintenance of IT systems.


When you visit our website, we can place cookies on your terminal device. The use of cookies may lead to processing of your personal data. 

A cookie is a small text file that is saved in the web browser on your computer, smartphone, iPad or whichever device you are surfing the internet with when you visit the website. Cookies make it possible to recognise your computer, etc., and acquire information about your activities on the internet, including which pages and functions are visited with your browser, as well as ensuring that the website functions properly in technical terms. In certain cases, cookies are the only way of getting a website to function as intended. A cookie is a passive file and cannot acquire information on your computer, spread computer virus or other malware. It is anonymous and does not contain any personal information.

Deletion of your data

We process your personal data in our system as long as we have a specific and objective reason for doing so. We also keep your personal data after a specific job application procedure expires so that you will automatically be considered for vacant positions in the future.

The documents you have uploaded into our system in connection with online applications, such as CV, the letter of application itself, references, etc., are deleted 6 months after the conclusion of the recruitment process. Your email address and name will remain registered in the system in case there is a need to contact you at a later date.

You can have relevant data deleted at any time by contacting us in writing. If you want us to delete information concerning you, we only keep the personal data that we are obliged to keep pursuant to existing law. 

Disclosure of information

In certain cases, Nordic Seafood discloses the personal data about you that we posses. Your personal data may be disclosed to parties such as: (i) suppliers with which we cooperate in order to support our business (e.g. providers of services, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions); or (ii) in connection with sales, tasks or other transfer of content on the website; or (iii) if it is required according to a court ruling or existing legislation.

Disclosure of personal data will only take place if we have a legal basis for doing so.

Data security

You can have complete confidence that we protect your personal data. Our aim is to provide you as a user with management of data that is secure and without risk. We do our best to maintain a high degree of data security.

We use different methods, such as encryption (SSL), firewalls, software which registers illegal intrusion into the system and manual security procedures, which help to protect the accuracy and security of your personal data and to prevent unauthorised access or improper use by a third party.

Online applications

If you apply for a position via job@nordicseafood.com, the following applies to processing of your personal data.

Only the personal data you have entered in the mail and the documents you have attached are registered. You should only provide personal data that is relevant in relation to the job profile and which is requested in the job advertisement.

The purpose of acquiring personal data is to assess and contact candidates who are interested in and qualified for current or forthcoming vacant positions. We also keep a history of which jobs you have applied for.

Personal data in your application will be processed in absolute confidence and used exclusively by the person(s) participating in the recruitment process. It is thus only relevant individuals that have access to your information in connection with your application and CV.

Processing of personal data on recruitment

The purpose of acquiring personal data about you in the recruitment process is to assess whether you are a qualified candidate for a vacant position at Nordic Seafood.

When you apply for a position at Nordic Seafood, we receive and process your personal data. This means that we are the data controller for the personal data about you that we process.

In connection with the recruitment process, we process your general personal data, but we may also process your civil registration number. In this text you can read more about the information about you that we process when you apply for a position at Nordic Seafood.

  • When we receive your application
    During the recruitment process the personal data that appears in your letter of application, CV and other accompanying documents is registered.
    This will typically involve the following information: Name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, email address, civil registration number, marital status, education, career history and references.
    We apply Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR as the legal basis when it concerns personal data that you yourself have forwarded to us with a view to employment.
    We register the forwarded information in our personnel administration system.

  • We assess the application
    We specifically assess each applicant’s qualifications in relation to the advertised position. Once we have read the applications, we choose candidates for job interview(s). 

  • When we have selected you for the job interview
    In connection with job interviews, we receive further information about you which we record for use in the subsequent recruitment process.
    We apply Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR as the legal basis when it concerns personal data that you yourself have provided with a view to employment.

  • Information from previous employers
    For certain positions it is necessary to obtain references from previous employers. If we obtain references from one or more of your previous employers, we register the information we receive.
    We use your consent pursuant to Article 6 (1) (a) of the GDPR as the legal basis when processing this information and you will therefore be asked to grant your consent before we can contact one or more of your previous employers. You can withdraw your consent at any time. You can do this by contacting us via the contact information below. If you withdraw your consent, this will only apply from the point in time at which you withdraw your consent. This does not therefore affect the legality of our processing of information up until the point in time at which you withdraw your consent.

  • Storage and deletion
    If your application is rejected, we will delete the information about you that we have registered within a period of 6 months.
    If you are employed, we save the information that has made up part of the recruitment process in your personnel file.

  • Storage of an application with a view to subsequent recruitment
    In certain cases we would like to keep your application – despite the fact that you have received a rejection – with a view to recruitment at a later date. If we wish to keep your application, we will request your consent in this regard.

Insight and objections

With the personal data policy described, Nordic Seafood complies with legislation concerning the processing of personal data.

If you wish to obtain insight into the data that we have registered about you or wish to be deleted, you can contact:

Nordic Seafood A/S  
Søren Nordbysvej 15
DK-9850 Hirtshals
email: gdpr@nordicseafood.com

The Danish Data Protection Agency (www.datatilsynet.dk) is the board of appeal.


Nordic Seafood A/S

Søren Nordbysvej 15

DK 9850 Hirtshals

T: +45 9894 1533
E: mail@nordicseafood.com

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